For Tzedakah in Our Community

Dear Congregants,

All year long, you can do a mitzvah and make a difference in the lives of hundreds of congregants and Tucsonans by making charitable contributions to Temple Emanu-El and to the Mitzvah Corp.

Your charitable donations to Temple Emanu-El are essential to the health and vibrancy of our congregation, a leader in Jewish worship, study, community engagement, and celebration, and Temple Emanu-El's Mitzvah Corp enable us to help the hundreds of people who count on Temple for assistance. Mitzvah Corp is here to help those who are in need all year long, as we have done for more than 100 years in the past, and will continue to do for 100 years more. Your charitable contributions to Mitzvah Corp are tax deductible, and are always needed.

Mitzvah Corp is a qualifying charitable organization that provides services to Arizona residents who need temporary assistance. Your contribution to the Mitzvah Corp is treated by the Arizona Department of Revenue as a tax credit, which means that the amount contributed is subtracted directly from the taxes owed to the state of Arizona. Keep in mind that the amount contributed must not exceed one's overall tax liability, and your contribution must be dated no later than December 31, 2016. The maximum amount of credit has changed recently. For questions about Temple Emanu-El Mitzvah Corp, contact Jill Rich at (520) 349-0174 or your tax advisor.


Please accept my contribution of : $

 Your contribution of to this (501)(c)(3) corporation is fully deductible from your Arizona State taxes provided that the amount given is less than your total State of Arizona tax burden.  Checks must be dated no later than December 31st.  

NOTE: This is not intended as formal tax advice.  Please consult your tax advisor for further information.