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Our congregation has an opportunity for adults who would enjoy creating and serving a meal to people living with HIV!

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Temple Emanu-El is helping with
TIHAN's Poz Cafe March Luncheon on Thursday, March 19th 2015
and we need your help. It's easy and rewarding!

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Mitzvah Corp

For Tzedakah in Our Community

Dear Friends,

A Temple member faces eviction. Thanks to the Mitzvah Corp., her rent is paid. A family receives a disconnection notice from the electric company and the water company. Because of the Mitzvah Corp., their utilities are restored.

Almost daily, the Temple Emanu-El Mitzvah Corp. receives requests for assistance from working Tucsonans--many of them Temple members--who are ill, injured, laid off, and just one pay check away from homelessness. Thanks to the Temple Emanu-El Mitzvah Corp., many of these temporarily strapped individuals never have to see the inside of a homeless shelter or figure out how to sleep a family of four in their car.

The Temple Emanu-El Mitzvah Corp. was created fifteen years ago as a qualifying charitable organization that provides services to Arizona residents who need temporary assistance or emergency services. As a qualifying charity, it is exempt from federal income tax under the Internal Revenue Code.

Your contribution to the Temple Emanu-El Mitzvah Corp. is treated by the Arizona Department of Revenue as a qualifying tax credit. DOUBLE YOUR DONATION, DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT! Remember, your Arizona Qualifying Charitable Tax Credit is separate from and in addition to the foster care and public and private school tax credits. You can contribute to any and all of those as well. The amount you contribute is subtracted from taxes you owe the State of Arizona. The amount contributed must not exceed your overall Arizona tax liability or the excess will be carried forward for up to five years. The maximum amount of this credit is $400 for individuals, $800 for couples filing jointly. This is double the amount that was allowed last year!  For more information, consult your tax professional.

The Temple Emanu-El Mitzvah Corp. is there for those in need, and it needs your contributions more than ever. It is at the core of our religious tradition to provide assistance to the most vulnerable members of our community.

For questions about Temple Emanu-El Mitzvah Corp., call me at (520) 349-0174 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Do a mitzvah today!

Jill Rich

Temple Emanu-El Mitzvah Corp.


Please accept my contribution of : $

 Your contribution of to this (501)(c)(3) corporation is fully deductible from your Arizona State taxes provided that the amount given is less than your total State of Arizona tax burden.  Checks must be dated no later than December 31st.  

NOTE: This is not intended as formal tax advice.  Please consult your tax advisor for further information.


Social Action


Oct 2012 Blood Drive

God created the world in seven days ... you can help remake the world in more than seven ways!

The Social Action Committee of Temple Emanu-El sponsors and/or participates in many worthy and timely projects that express our Temple's commitment to Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. Help us to make our community and our world a better place!


Temple Emanu-El Social Action will be collecting backpacks and school supplies for the Gifts of Love Program. We need your help! Interfaith Community Services is collecting school supplies now through July 28th to assist children from economically disadvantaged households across Pima County. Our families are struggling to provide the basics of food and shelter for their children, paying for school supplies can be a challenge. Thank you for helping our local students! Please bring your donations to the Temple office.


Please check the boxes of the projects that interest you (see below for expanded descriptions):

Our congregation is deeply committed to improving our community and are involved in numerous projects which include:


American Red Cross Blood Drives

More than 80 pints of blood were collected at two blood drives. A HUGE thanks to all who donated! Check the Temple calendar for our next blood drive.

Border Packs

In cooperation with other non-profits, Temple Emanu-El provides humanitarian assistance for migrants in the Sonoran Desert who are at risk of serious injury or death. Nutritious snacks and beverages were provided to fill the life-saving packs, which were then distributed by active border rescue groups to 600 border crossers suffering from severe dehydration and malnutrition.

The Poz Cafe

In partnership with the Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network (TIHAN), we purchased food, prepared and served a meal to hundreds of men and women living with HIV or AIDS. We provided toiletries for distribution and hosted a BINGO game for them. We also participated in buying gifts for the TIHAN holiday party.

Interfaith Community Services Partnership

As a participant with Interfaith Community Services, some of our volunteers drive disabled or elderly individuals to the grocery store or doctor's appointments. We are ALWAYS looking for more volunteers for this effort.

Primavera Homeless Shelter

Our Social Action team provided two meals for 110 homeless men at the Primavera Shelter. Some of us cooked, chopped fruit, or puchased meat for this appreciative crowd. We have been asked by the homeless to continue this again this year. 

Adopt a Refugee 

This year the Social Action COmmittee adopted three young men newly arrived in Tucson from Eritrea. We were able to give them a used computer, and we helped them with their clothing needs. They were welcomed into our homes for meals and help with navigating our complex culture. We also provided holiday gifts for fourteen refugee children. 

Project Isaiah

Members of Temple Emanu-El participate in Project Isaiah, collecting food and donating it the Tucson Community Food Bank during the High Holy Day season.

The Rabbis' Pantry

Temple Emanu-El stocks non-perishable food for anyone, Jewish or not, who drops by the synagogue.

Operation Sandwich

Our newest program began this year. We provided over 1700 sandwiches to a winter shelter program on the south side of Tucson. This shelter was set up to get homeless people out of the cold each night during the coldest winter months. We were able to provide lunches to this very hungry group several nights a week. The need was huge, and this program will continue and expand. 

Alitas Program

This is a program to welcome mothers and children from Central America who arrive at the Tucson Greyhound Bus Station. Temple Emanu-El has been able to provide this needy group with meals, toys, and overnight hospitality as they wait for transportation to leave Tucson. This program is headed by Catholic Community Services, and we are happy to be of assistance. 


We are always looking for new projects, and we welcome your ideas and participation!
For more information, contact Jill Rich at (520) 349-0174 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


225 N. Country Club Road
Tucson, AZ 85716

Phone: 520-327-4501
Fax: 520-327-4504


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