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A Reform Jewish Community for all of Tucson
225 North Country Club • Tucson, AZ 85716
(520) 327-4501 • Fax: (520) 327-4504
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Yom Shabbat, 14 Elul 5775

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Kehillah (Congregation) is a center of Jewish life for young adults in their twenties and thirties in Tucson. Our goal is to create and sustain a community dedicated to Jewish learning, spirituality and service. We are open to all young adults, regardless of background, affiliation, or identification. We are an auxiliary of Temple Emanu-El.  For more information, please contact the Temple office at (520) 327-4501.

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Special Young Adult Membership

Joining Temple Emanu-El

Please consider joining Temple Emanu-El and be a part of something special. Our synagogue is an exciting and extraordinarily active place, and we pride ourselves on being a warm and caring community. Temple Emanu-El is many things for our congregants: a holy place to worship God, a center to learn about and experience our amazingly rich Jewish tradition, a comfortable location to meet and make friends, a working center of living Judaism. It is also a place of creative exploration, where we can seek that which moves and excites us religiously and intellectually.

Your membership helps to support many aspects of the Jewish community, from programming for young adults, to education, to support for individuals and families in need and more.

No Membership Dues for Young Adults!

Anyone up to the age of 29 may join Temple Emanu-El without paying Temple dues. 

How it works: 

  • You become a member of Temple Emanu-El with all of the benefits of Temple membership, including, but not limited to: the satisfaction of being a part of the Jewish community, High Holy Day admission cards, member rates for all programs, access to Temple rabbis for life cycle events and pastoral care and more.
  • Commit to attend at least any one Temple program per month such as a Shabbat service, an Adult Education class, a Kehillah (our young adults group) event, or a social action project.
  • Make at least one meaningful financial contribution to Temple Emanu-El per year to support Jewish life. Temple Emanu-El will direct at least half of all such contributions directly towards Kehillah, our young adults group. The rest will go towards supporting the mission of Temple Emanu-El generally, including Jewish education, Jewish spirituality and worship, and more. The amount of the financial pledge is totally up to you. 
  • Fill out and sign the Membership Brit, Covenant.
  • That's it!



Young Adult Group 12-6-10