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A Reform Jewish Community for all of Tucson
225 North Country Club • Tucson, AZ 85716
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Yom Sheini, 30 Kislev 5775

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Enrichment activities are offered on a weekly basis and are included in the tuition cost.


Our sign language program starts with our very youngest and goes through our oldest classes.  Children learn signs through singing, storytelling, art, and music.  Teachers also learn signs to use with the children on a daily basis.  A letter will go home with each family to reinforce these signs with your children.  There are many benefits to sign language including a larger vocabulary, becoming better readers, increasing their IQ, speaking earlier and experiencing less frustration.  


Our yoga program designed for the three and four year old’s is the gift that keeps on giving.  Children will benefit from yoga practice in a variety of ways including: maintaining flexibility, enhancing concentration, increasing self-esteem, and cultivating a relaxed state of body and mind.  Utilizing storytelling, children will learn and spark creativity.


At the Puppet Theatre, we take some of our favorite children’s books and turn them into live-action plays.  With the help of a wide variety of puppets and set designs, children will be captivated watching and listening to these stories in an extremely unique atmosphere.  Lionel the Lion and Elmo are the hosts of our productions that always create fun, laughter, and excitement for children one year old and up!


Hip hop dancing incorporates a variety of old and new dance styles.  The dancing represents body movement that go with the beat and rhythm of the music.  This enrichment activity is an excellent opportunity to help children build self-confidence and hone their skills in order to express their artistic abilities.


Cooking is a great sensory, scientific, mathematical, and cultural learning experience for our three and four year olds.  Children learn how to cook a variety of different foods.  During this enrichment activity, children will learn about measurement and changing compounds from liquids to solids.  Children also use their gross motor skills to stir, mix, knead, and pour.  On top of all the newfound knowledge, children will be able to eat their tasty creations!


We learn so much when we listen to music. Music inspires creative movement. It calms at rest time. It fosters listening skills. Through music, children can learn about patterns. Through singing, children learn ryhmes and new vocabulary.


The goals for teaching Hebrew include creating lessons with visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic learning techniques to help children grasp the new words and letters. Children will learn the Hebrew language through music, arts and craft projects, and story time.


Come explore and learn the Spanish language with us!  Through organized activities conducted in Spanish, children will learn fundamental concepts, including colors, numbers, sports, and animals, of this unique language.  Spanish language learners will find the classroom setting and activities to be musical, enriching, and hands-on.  


Children get the chance to move around while learning about their body.  This enrichment activity will concentrate on the locomotor skills that involve moving the body from one point to another and the manipulative skills that involve moving objects with their hands and feet.  These skills are not automatic and thus will be taught and reinforced through a variety of games and activities.  This is taught in a fun and exciting way to give children a love of exercise and movement!

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