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A Reform Jewish Community for all of Tucson
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Yom Rivii, 25 Tammuz 5774

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Enrichment activities are offered on a weekly basis and are included in the tuition cost.


Our sign language program starts with our very youngest and goes through our oldest classes. Children learn signs through singing, storytelling, art and music. Teachers also learn signs to use with the children on a daily basis. A letter will go home with each family to reinforce these signs with your children. There are many benefits to sign language. Children can develop a larger vocabulary, become better readers, increase their IQ, speak earlier and experience less frustration.

MUSIC - See Lesson Plan for Summer 2014

We learn so much when we listen to music. Music inspires creative movement. It calms at rest time. It fosters listening skills. Through music, children can learn about patterns. Through singing, children learn ryhmes and new vocabulary. We are fortunate to have a gifted musician, Lindsey O'Shea, teaching music every Wednesday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. She visits all of our classrooms, and often brings various instruments with her to use in her lessons.


Art is not only a way to create beauty, rather learning about and creating art hones many skills that help children excel as they mature. With projects planned such as making Hamash hand chimes from clay and beads, wooden sculpture Menorahs, table top Sukkahs, art will allow for stimulation and development of the mind and body.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - See Special Announcement

Physical education is available for children ages one year and older. Children get the chance to move around while learning about their body. Children can learn different skills such as spatial awareness, throwing, kicking, catching, crawling, jumping, and skipping. Learning about their muscles and body parts are other core elements of this enrichment activity.


The goals for teaching Hebrew include creating lessons with visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic learning techniques to help children grasp the new words and letters. Children will learn the Hebrew language through music, arts and craft projects, and story time.


In an exciting new twist, the Strauss ECE and Kindergarten has opened our own vegetable garden! Every month we will learn about how a vegetable grows, we will have cooking projects with that vegetable. In addition, one class each month will plant the vegetable themselves and water it every week. Once the vegetables are ripe, we will have the wonderful opportunity to pick them.


Cooking is an great, sensory, science, math and cultural learning experience for our three and four year olds.  Children learn how to cook Jewish food as well as foods from other cultures.  During this enrichment class,  they taste, smell and touch different foods.  They learn about measurement and changing compounds from liquids to solids.  Children also use their gross motor skills to stir, mix, knead and pour.  They learn, explore and taste new fruits and vegetables and talk about healthy eating. All this and they get the joy of tasting yummy foods that they created!