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Yom Shishi, 27 Kislev 5775

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Written to Deeshonim lead teacher and trainer, Mindy Henry:

Tim and I are so very thankful for you, Erika, and all the other women who take care of Eleanor. We feel very blessed that Eleanor is so well taken care of and loved. These early years are so formative for her emotional and cognitive development -- I am thankful to you because I know that the experiences she has at Temple Emanu-El are full of love and tenderness. It is very evident to us that Eleanor loves going to daycare and has so much fun with you. Thank you for the work you do every day -- we are thankful for you and I know that you are helping to shape who Eleanor is and how she views the world.
     ~ Chelsea

We have loved our time at Temple Emanu-El—I can't believe it's already been over 5 years! Yesterday we registered Roey for Kindergarten!
Thanks for creating such a wonderful ECE environment.
     ~ Jane

Lyn, I can't believe Sam is getting so close to graduating and moving on. I remember his first day (and Jack's) like it was yesterday. We will miss seeing you every day and I will be forever grateful that we were fortunate enough to be able to have Jack and Sam taken care of by you and your wonderful staff of people who are actually caring for our children and loving them, and not just babysitting.
     ~ Kimberly Van Amburg

Strauss ECE has amazing teachers! I certainly remember all for who they are. Thank you for taking such good care of our kids!
     ~ Mary Margaret Sprinkle

All three of my grandchildren love the Strauss ECE!
     ~ Rebecca Crow, Past President of Congregation Chaverim

Thank you for hosting such a great luncheon today. I always enjoy being able to spend time with Bella at the Strauss ECE. Quality time with my little one is always fabulous, but it is also so nice to see what great staff you have and how the children love the Strauss ECE, their teachers, and the rest of the staff. At our Thanksgiving Luncheon, I was thankful for all of you!
     ~ Julie Duncan

The Strauss ECE is a great, warm, and creative school filled with fabulously educated teachers!
     ~ Kristin Vizzini

My friend Marissa's son Jonah will be starting at Strauss in the fall and Marissa was wondering how we like Strauss and I was just telling her what a great experience we've had with Rosie at Strauss, so I wanted to pass the positive thoughts back to you . Her teachers in Parparim have been wonderful, we were super nervous about sending her to a daycare even part-time since my husband and I both took a lot of time off work her first year so that we could keep her home as long as possible, and all of our worries about her being just another face in an impersonal child care center have dissipated since day one! Tricia has been especially great with Rosie, and always provides great feedback about Rosie's day and little quirks, even spotting an on-coming ear infection before we did. Rosie is transitioning into Tzfardim now and Mirabel has been great about helping ease Rosie into the switch, Rosie has even napped in her lap which is a difficult feat even for us, so I know that Rosie already feels comfortable with her.  Thanks for all the great work you all do keeping my daughter happy, healthy and learning.
     ~ Estee Murdock

A week or so ago when Bob and Olga Strauss made their sponsorship commitment, I was reminded that I have intended to send you an email over the last few months about the ECE. This morning, when I re-enrolled Sam for next year (which will be his last year at the ECE!) I realized I had still not sent you that email, and with hectic schedules it's easy to forget things like that but here goes: 
Temple Emanu-El's ECE is the best in the city. Yes, I am biased, but I believe it's true based on both personal experience and from talking with many parents whose kids go to other places and to parents who come to Temple Emanu-El from other places. You have an incredibly talented group of teachers (I suspect you have more longevity from some of the more senior teachers than anywhere else in Tucson); you have wonderful class sizes; you have great curriculum and inclusion of foundational Jewish values; you have Lyn Henry, who is a wonderful person who I am thankful to have met and who (along with Anna) are partially responsible for my interest 4 or so years ago in learning more about Judaism; you have a loving and nurturing environment, not just "child care." Both Noah and I work full time (really more than full time) and so for us it means so much that Jack and Sam have been cared for at a place where they are loved.
     ~ Kim Van Amburg, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Casino Del Sol


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