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Yom Shabbat, 17 Tammuz 5775

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samuel cohen talit
Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon

Temple Emanu-El's Adult Confirmation program provides the adult Jewish learner with the opportunity for directed education at the most advancedlevel.  A two-year program with significant prerequisites and substantive ongoing requirements, it offers an exciting and challenging approach to creating heightened Jewish knowledge, awareness, comprehension, and creativity.  Classes emphasize an interactive seminar format with required outside reading and writing.  The framework for course study is "Moments of Revolution in Judaism".  Each block is organized around one such central moment in Jewish history, with all of its implications for the development of Judaism and with a full exploration of its relevance today.  In the course of the two years of study, each Adult Confirmand will create his or her own Jewish theology, exploring and explicating her or his own beliefs about God, Torah, and Israel.  

Adult Confirmation is the most advanced and challenging Adult Jewish Education experience available in Arizona. Adult Confirmation concludes with a confirmation ceremony and a service led by the confirmation students in the spring of 2016.

The Adult Confirmation program is only available to members of Temple Emanu-El. Please contact our office for a list of course prerequisites in order to prepare to enter the Adult Confirmation program in the fall of 2014.