There are 4 documents available below.

  1. The Registration Form has the basic information about you and your student/s. Grade means next school year.
  2. The Emergency Information attachment is 3 pages. All pages MUST be filled out and turned in, even if you have turned in similar forms in prior years. The Emergency Forms are not reused year to year. If there is an emergency with your child, the information on these forms may be the only way we can reach you.
  3. Scholarship Application. Fill this out if you are requesting financial assistance.
  4. Tuition Fee Membership Commitment Form

If you already registered: The third page of the Emergency Information Form was not previously available. Please fill out and return. See 3 above for more information.

Please fill out the forms below to register your children for Religious School.  Completed forms may turned into the Temple office in person, mailed to the address above, faxed to the Temple office at (520) 327-4504, or scanned and emailed to the Temple office. If you wish to make a payment online, you may go to our Payments page and enter the amount you wish to pay. Please refer to the Tuition Fee Schedule below when making your payment. If you have any questions, please contact Rabbi Batsheva Appel at (520) 327-4501 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please click on the links below link to view/download each form.

Registration Form

Scholarship Application

Emergency Form

Membership Commitment/Religious School Form