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Yom Shlishi, 8 Sivan 5775

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Drash Program

Rabbi Safran delivering the drash for Sh'lach L'cha 5772Participating in our drash program provides an exciting and profound way to involve yourself in Jewish learning and teaching with our entire Temple! Read, study, and write about the Torah portion of the week, and explain what it means to you personally. The drash is delivered at Friday Evening Services at Temple Emanu-El. This is a rare opportunity to engage in the most sacred of Jewish acts, the learning and teaching of Torah.

Contact the Temple office at (520) 327-4501 for more information.

NOTE: Not all past drashot have been posted; check back soon!

by Liz Shallenberger - January 23, 2015

Bo covers the tail end of the Exodus, which is fodder for all kinds of discussions. Tonight I have decided to settle on the plague of darkness, and the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart. As with every drash, I did my usual routine of picking over the commentary: and, as with every drash, I had more questions than answers. Is the darkness simply an effective scare tactic, or is it a metaphor for the absence of God’s light. Why does God harden Pharaoh’s heart, when it appears that Pharaoh is about to cave? I think the Hebrews were pretty well-convinced of the Egyptian leader’s despicable nature, by that point.

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by Mridula Aggarwal & Jeff Rein - January 16, 2015

On this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend, the 25th of Tevet 5775, we consider an ancient liberation story during the commemoration of a recent one. Va’eira tells us of God’s promise of liberation for His people, and the first, dramatic steps towards its consummation. The dramatic events in this parashah parallel and have inspired freedom seekers across continents and centuries.

Va’eira opens with a grand series of promises from God to Moses, and to the Jews - to free the people, and restore them to the promised land. Keep your eyes on the prize, sayeth the Lord. Neither Moses, nor the Israelites, and certainly not Pharaoh, are ready for this transformation.

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by Micki Shulman - January 9, 2015

In this week’s Torah portion, Sh’mot, God begins to formulate a plan to rescue the Israelites and to create the birth of a new nation after over four hundred years of oppression.

This was the time of Joseph, whose people were enslaved. Initially, they only numbered seventy. With each passing year, he witnessed the Israelites grow exponentially with each new generation. Although his family had multiplied, he never lived to see them free.

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by Michael Mann - January 2, 2015

Shabbat Shalom.

When I first heard that I would or could do a drash, I admit it was a bit intimidating. I understand that it is not supposed to be a sermon, rather my own personal reflections of the portion of the Torah we are reading at this time. While I have always enjoyed Rabbi Cohon’s Erev Rosh Hashanah sermons, he may relegate me back to the pews after I am done. At this point of Genesis we are observing Israel’s and later Jacob’s passing and blessings to his sons. What words do you leave as your last bits of wisdom upon your passing? I hate to admit it, but one thought leapt to my mind. The BATMAN!

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by David Keefe - November 14, 2014

This week's Torah portion, Chayei Sarah, tells the story of Sarah passing. After Abraham secures a grave site for Sarah and himself in the land of Canaan and buries Sarah, he turns his attention to his son Isaac to find him a wife. He instructs his eldest slave to go to the land of Abraham's birthplace and find a wife for his son Isaac. Don't worry Anya, we are not planning on choosing you a husband. At least not anytime soon.

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