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A Reform Jewish Community for all of Tucson
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Yom Chamishi, 4 Av 5774

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Welcome to Temple Emanu-El!

Our synagogue is an exciting and extraordinarily active place of prayer, study, creativity, and social justice. We are a warm and caring community, and we'd love to help you become a part of our congregational family.

Temple Emanu-El is many things for our congregants: a holy place to worship God, a center to learn about and experience our amazingly rich Jewish tradition, a comfortable location to meet and make friends, a working center of living Judaism. It is also a place of creative exploration, where we can seek that which moves and excites us religiously and intellectually.

At Temple Emanu-El, we honor the tradition of lifelong learning, from our NAEYC-accredited award-winning Olga and Bob Strauss Center for Early Childhood Education, to the Sam and Jane Kurn Religious School, to our outstanding award-winning Adult Education Academy. We offer a wide variety of worship services, music and spiritual experiences. Our congregants are engaged in living Judaism through meaningful social action, community outreach, at the annual congregational retreat, active Women of Reform Judaism and Men's Club auxiliaries, innovative programming and a wide variety of social events. Temple Emanu-El was the first synagogue in Arizona, and we remain energetic pioneers of Jewish life in Arizona.

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Live Streaming

Every service held in the Rubin Family Sanctuary is now streamed live! Click here to join a stream in progress, see our schedule of broadcasts, or view a previously recorded service.

Upcoming Services


Aug.01.2014 5:45pm - 7:15pm
Chardonnay Shabbat Evening Service


Aug.02.2014 10:00am - 12:00pm
Shabbat Morning Service


Aug.04.2014 8:00pm - 9:00pm
Tisha b'Av Evening Service - Eycha - Book of Lamentations


Aug.08.2014 5:45pm - 7:15pm
Chardonnay Shabbat Evening Service

Upcoming Events


Jul.31.2014 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Prayers for Peace in the Middle East


4:00pm Aug.10.2014 - 7:00pm Aug.10.2014
Temple Fair Membership Roundup


Sep.20.2014 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Selichot Film, Study Session, Discussion & Dessert


Jan.30.2015 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Tu B'Shevat Winetasting Seder & Dinner

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Hot Off the Presses

At a Time of Crisis in Israel

July 11, 2014

Having just returned from Israel right before this crisis exploded, I can tell you that during our travels throughout the Holy Land in mid-June on the 4th Temple Emanu-El Pilgrimage it was as beautiful and peaceful as I have seen Israel in a long time. It is an incredibly vibrant, wonderful place.

And now, things are shocking and terrible.  READ MORE

Rabbis' Corner

samuel cohen talitRabbi Appel 08 01 13 by Sally ShackartWeekly Torah Talk on Matot 5774: Sticks

July 16, 2014

On a visit to Istanbul, Turkey a few years ago I visited Topkapi Palace, the center of power for the mighty Ottoman Empire from 1450 to the 1800's, 400 years in which they dominated a huge portion of the globe. I had not been in Istanbul in 16 years, and they have a new section of the large museum within Topkapi's ancient walls. It is called The Chamber of Sacred Relics. READ MORE


samuel cohen talitRabbi Appel 08 01 13 by Sally ShackartPinchas 5774: The Rockets Red Glare: Heat and Light in Israel and Gaza

Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon

This has been a very difficult ten days or so for Jews everywhere, but especially so for Israel and for all of us who love her. So much has happened in such a short period of time that it is worth recapping it all, painful as it may be.  READ MORE

Temple Times & Simcha

NewsletterThe March issue of the Temple Times is now available!  Read more about what's going on in our synagogue and community. Read about us... upcoming events and this month's happenings.

Photo Gallery

gallery Take a look at different events, occasions, and ‘happenings’ here at our synagogue. Our Hannukah celebrations, Tikkun Olam, simchas and special occasions!

Strauss ECE

Hands-2007iCome Aboard the Strauss ECE Summer Cruise by Lyn Henry

Summer 2013

June 3rd – 7th Boats and other transportation: This week we will explore boats (and other modes of transportation). Children will experiment with sink and float, learn about the many different kinds of boats, as well as trains, planes and automobiles. This will be the start of our amazing cruise journey. READ MORE

Our Blogs


Read about our community, e-learning, and words from our Rabbis. Interactive commentary that lets you read and be part of a discussion.
Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon's Blog
Rabbi Batsheva Appel's Blog
Cantorial Soloist Marjorie Hochberg's Blog
Congregational Conversations 

Temple Emanu-El

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